CIEP, Inc.

Reasons to Attend CIFIT

Approximately 100,000 participants from over 100 countries attend CIFIT. More than 1,200 journalists from worldwide media produce significant marketing results, giving you unmatched opportunity to publicize your corporate image and showcase your products. You will achieve great rewards at the interactive platform of the global communications within 3 days.

Build relationships with 52 major cities and regions from different parts of China. Senior officials who are in charge of foreign trade and economic cooperation and business development can assist you in your target market. The relationships you develop at CIFIT are crucial for your future business in China.

Business matchmaking for patented technologies, property rights, service outsourcing, brand franchising, transportation, investment & trade provide an efficient way to find matching partners and/or distributors.

Learn how to get started in doing business in China through organized, informative tours and value-added program. Learn the latest investment policies, business regulations, tax incentives, appropriate marketing strategy and local operation customs so that you can launch your business in China successfully.

CIFIT showcases a concentrated number of projects that have been pre-evaluated by industrial professionals and approved by local government. Here you may find many co-development opportunities.

Exhibitors present innovating, high tech and high value-added products and services that are unique in industry and meeting market trends. Brand franchising and outsourcing opportunities are also available, through which you can increase your income stream.

CIFIT gives you the chance to take a close look at China and understand why China has seen great achievement in recent years, for example, how small and middle size business owners have grown rapidly. Learn the secrets behind the success.

Taking action in advance may help you tap into the value of market share while China is still at the beginning stages in certain industries. Don't miss this chance.

$1800 of booth cost may bring you multi-million dollars business opportunities,help you succeed in China.

Total approximate $5000 budget for one person covers the conference registration, a standard booth, the above mentioned value added programs and benefit, sightseeing city tour and high tech development zone tour, airfare to China, weeklong accommodations, banquets, oriental performance, cruise and unforgettable culture experience.

Finally, CIFIT provides one stop solution which gives you a wealth of resources, information, premier contacts and business opportunities not limited in China. If you are seeking investment for your project, if you are seeking for the opportunity to expand your business, if you are seeking market share in China and other parts of the world, then this is the right exhibition for you.

For more information on registration for the CIFIT and pre/post tour packages, please contact CIEP, Inc.