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Matchmaking Symposia for Investment Projects

Matchmaking symposiums for FDI in China, lateral flow of domestic capital, Chinese companies investing abroad and third country (region) to third country (region) investment will be held from September 7-11, 2013. In addition, a briefing for the investment plans of investors will also be held. These "Matchmaking Symposiums" include "Matchmaking Symposium for Taiwanese Companies", "Matchmaking Symposium for Dealings Regarding State Owned Property Rights", "Matchmaking Symposium on the Transfer of Advanced and New Technologies and Patented Technologies", "Matchmaking Symposium on Investment Funds", "Matchmaking Symposium on Brand-name Chain Franchising", "Matchmaking Symposium for Government and Business" and "Matchmaking Symposium on Transport and Shipping".

The matchmaking symposiums for FDI in China domestic investment cooperation will focus on infrastructure, IT, modern logistics, agriculture, food and drink products, oil and petrochemicals, biological medicines, energy and environmental protection, machinery, and metallurgical materials. The matchmaking symposiums for Chinese companies investing abroad will be divided according to regions, including Asia, Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.

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