CIEP, Inc.

Layout of Exhibition Halls

The 33,000-square-meter major exhibition venue is located at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, containing Domestic Pavilion, Overseas Pavilion, Enterprises Pavilion, Tourism Promotion Pavilion (The 3rd Cross-Strait Travel Fair).

Domestic Pavilion-located in Hall A and Hall B
This pavilion showcases investment environment, investment policies, investment projects and commodities from all over the Mainland of China, focusing on infrastructure, energy, environmental protection and agricultural cooperation.

Overseas Pavilion-located in Hall C
This pavilion is composed of the Central Exhibition Area, the International Economic Organizations Area, the Asian Area, the European Area, the American & Oceanian Area, and the African Area.

Enterprises Pavilion-located in Hall D
This pavilion is composed of the Imported Commodities Area, the Development Zones Area, the Banking, Insurance and Securities Area, the Investment Agencies Area and Other Areas.
This pavilion primarily emphasizes investment in energy, environmental protection, logistics, electricity and petroleum.

Tourism Promotion Pavilion-located in Hall E
This pavilion will serve as the exhibition area of the 3rd Straits Travel Fair, showcasing tourism industry at home and abroad, tourism-related investment projects or products.? The event seeks to promote further cooperation in the tourism industry between the Chinese mainland and Taiwan.

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