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International Investment Forum and Series of Seminars

The Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of the PRC will continue to hold the "International Investment Forum" during the 14 th CIFIT. The theme of this year's forum is "Promoting International Investment and Bringing A Harmonious World".

A number of prominent international figures will be invited to deliver addresses at the forum, including top Chinese leaders, current and former foreign leaders, heads of international economic organizations, renowned economists, and senior leaders from MNC's. In addition, the MOFCOM and other related departments will hold a series of seminars on hot topics closely related to the "Attracting FDI" & "Going Global" strategy.

Seminar topics include China's building of a harmonious society, "unified income tax system for both domestic and foreign enterprises", changes to processing trade policy, expansion and opening up of the banking sector, service outsourcing, coordinated and development of regional economies, the post-transitional period after China's accession to the WTO and the implementation of the "Going Global" strategy.

The CIFIT Organizing Committee will also hold " Cooperation Forum for China's International Sister Cities", "Forum on Overseas Chinese Merchants and the Coordinated Development of Regional Economy", "International Goodwill Chambers of Commerce Roundtables", "Capital Forum", "Forum on Industrial Development in China's Impoverished Areas", "Forum on Export Strategies of Renowned Chinese Companies", and "Recommendation Briefing for Overseas Processing Zones"

Governments, investment organizations, comm  erce associations and corporations from dozens of nations and regions will convene to hold a number of seminars and press conferences on key international investment issues, as well as the policies, prospects and projects for investment in countries around the world.

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