CIEP, Inc.


Our mission is to help promote the exchanges?between international?industrial associations, trade organizations, enterprises, small business owners, through international conference, exhibitions, event and trade shows. Our task is to assist any organization working to?tap into their target market in either US cities or Chinese cities.??With our knowledge of US and China, professional experience, industrial relationships and local expertise, we can help you enter the international market at an?affordable cost, giving you great rewards from simple, organized, informative tour and value-added programs.??We work as a bridge to build connection between US and China.

Our complete value-added services include:   

  1. Matching related industrial exhibitors, attendees, and show organizers between China and the U.S.   
  2. Providing consulting services for international companies who wish to enter the Chinese market
  3. Combining conferences with pre and/or post meetings with related Chinese government agencies, industrial organizations and corporations?to explore potential opportunities
  4. Pre-show matching of potential partners and?show onsite negotiation opportunities?
  5. Maximizing your business opportunity from a visit to China
  6. Combining conferences with customized?sight seeing tours within China and the U.S.
  7. Obtaining visa
  8. Professional translation
  9. Arranging for airline tickets and other forms of transporation internationally and nationally
  10. Arranging for accomodations
  11. One stop customized services
  12. Marketing plan
  13. Feasibility studies
  14. Corporation registration
  15. Advertisement, maximize your publicity through media

Attending CIFIT

While the Chinese market is so attractive, getting started can seem daunting.? So that is why we are here to provide some useful services to help manufacturer to tap into China easily with affordable cost. The following are a few options of what services we provide:

  • We highly recommend you to attend the trade show in China which give you the chance for experience and a better understanding Chinese market; We have a complete Package for $5000 which covers one standard booth, international air ticket from LAX, destination airport pick up and drop off to airport for departure, hotel to/from exhibition. Weeklong double occupancy accommodation, two city tour programs, two organized information tours, two lectures on Chinese Culture and Chinese economics.?
  • If you cannot attend the show yourself, we could represent you in the trade show in China to explore your brand and technology.? This is a feasible way of marketing with lower cost. $3000 covers one Standard booth, one representative who will learn about your company and represent you at the show, 5 days for pre-show preparation, onsite presentation, and a summary report for the resulting response from the market.? Each additional representative costs $500.
  • $2000 covers presenting your product at a shared booth with catalog and sample only. One representative will be dedicated to your company.

To register for the 13th CIFIT and tours, please register.